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About the Killimor Development Association

We encourage you to take pride in Killimor and in your community. One way to do that is to please let us know what else you would like to see on this website or perhaps volunteer to get involved with Killimor Community Development.

Who are Killimor Development?

Killimor Development Association is a group of local residents who have formed a friendly society to promote, guide and enhance the upkeep, development and future of Killimor. It is a voluntary body and none of the members are paid for their efforts.

At present there is a three person committee which includes Padraic Burns (Chairperson), Liam Brien (Secretary) and Ann Riley (Treasurer).

What does Killimor Development do?

The most fundamental task of the development association is to maintain and improve the village of Killimor and its surrounding town lands through community projects & initiatives. Killimor development are in place to take advantage of government funded initiatives, liaise with the county council on village and town land improvements, protect and development the infrastructure, amenities, appearance and general maintenance of the village of Killimor and the surrounding town lands.

How do I become involved in Killimor Development?

To become involved in Killimor Development all one has to do is attend the meetings on a semi regular basis. Attendance at every meeting is not required but neither does one meeting make you a member of the development association.

How often do Killimor Development meet?

Killimor development meets on a monthly basis normally on the second Monday of each month. This meeting normally takes the form of an informal debate and update regarding issues which arise on an ongoing basis e.g. anti social behaviour, development projects, village improvements etc. Everybody is entitled to attend and the more people who attend the better and more useful the meetings become.

How can I contact Killimor Development Association?

mail iconTo contact Killimor Development please contact us by email at info@killimor.org or you can also use the contact form to share your opinion and ideas on priorities for development in Killimor, events or services you'd like to see, to feedback on what you're happy about (and would like to see more of!) and to give us ideas on any other information you'd find helpful to have on the website.

Your comments and views are very welcome and valued so get in touch!

globewhere is Killimor?

You can find a detailed map of Killimor from this link on MapQuest


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