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Parish of Killimor Bullogue

Diocese of Clonfert: Barony of Longford
No. of Townlands: 47     
Area: 9220 Statute Acres
Adjoining Parishes: Lickmolassy, Tynagh, Abbeygormican, Killquain

This Parish is called in the Irish language "Cill Íomar". The addition 'bullogue' is postfixed to distinguish it from Killimor-Daly. According to tradition Killimor was the principal establishment and birthplace of St. Íomar. He was a respectable man, living in Síol Anmachadha a long time ago, and intended to apply himself to increasing the number of the human family in a lawful manner and so married a beautiful girl, who was a native of Ely O'Carroll on the other side of the Shannon, she had been wooed by another man, and being driven to despair on hearing of her marriage with Íomar, swore he would not suffer her to be brought to Connacht. On the day Íomar and his party went to take her home, his Munster rival, with a body of men of Slieve Bloom, attacked him and his party, and made a desperate attempt to carry off the bride. In the struggle the bride was killed. After this, Íomar became a melancholy recluse and swore he would dedicate his virginity to God. He never took Holy Orders but was always esteemed as an Irish Saint.

St. Íomar, the patron saint of this parish, is mentioned in many of the ancient Irish lists of Saints.

The Old Church of Killimor stands a short distance to the west of the village. It is the largest parish church of the period (circa 1595) being 75ft x 18ft. The greater part of the two side walls are destroyed, but the two gables which are 75ft apart, are in good state of preservation. The east gable contains a window in the pointed style, very much veiled with ivy, and the west gable is featureless. The Oldest tombstone is a monument to William O'Treasaigh who was buried in the year 1604.
St Íomar's Well is situated on the side of the road immediately at the church, and is still considered somewhat sacred.

Killiane (Cill Liahain), like the name, of a townland in the parish seems to signify the church of Lidianaia, mother of St Kieran the elder, but there is no old church, graveyard or tradition of such in this townland.
The only other church in the parish, besides the extensive one in Killimor, was in the townland of Killeen, to which it has given its name but in this, children only are interred.

Population: The Population of Killimor before the famine in 1841 totalled 4,140 people and 702 houses. After the famine in 1851 it totalled 2,339 people with 425 houses. Presently the total is 1450 people and 315 houses.

Where it all began!

Killimor Hall Committee was founded in 1952, with the aim of building a Community Hall with the help and support of the people of the parish. During this time there were many Marquees held in Killimor.

In 1972 the Hall Committee became knoion as the Killimor District & Development Society, and the Hall went under further development.

The 80's and 90's saw further developments within the parish with the help of Fas (the TRE Training & Empolyment Authority) and many local voluntary organisations. Many people will remember the great Fleadh Ceoils, and the 1984 County Intermediate Hurling Championship Victory. In the late 90's we were successful in obtaining Village Renewal and Leader II Funding which helped us to develop the site we now stand on.

Our current Fas Community Employment Scheme was set up around then, and with continued support from our parish we have undertook many developments around the parish, including the Culture and Heritage Centre, the Gym, and one of the finest G.A.A. Grounds and facilities in the county. We have also made many visual improvements in the Killimor and District Area.


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